How this book can help you

Own a Mortgage Free House contains step-by-step instructions on how to obtain a house without getting a mortgage, thereby saving many thousands of dollars. This innovative concept is directed at segments of the population that have been affected by the recent housing crash. Many potential house buyers have been blocked from the traditional mortgage method of purchasing a house but still have financial solvency. One group of these potential buyers is the (as of 2018) 21 to 37-year-olds (Millennials). According to the Census Bureau, over 30% of these young adults are living with a parent. For the most part they have low overhead and the opportunity to save money over several years to devote to owning a house. Another group is families with two income earners where one of the earners can devote their pay to the house. Also, some individuals have low credit scores but high financial solvency, and there are others who just do not want to pay mortgage extras in points, closing fees, and interest. The instructions in this book simplify the perceived enormity of building a house for anyone with the patience and resources to slowly build over several years. The reader does not even have to lift a hammer. He/she acts as the building contractor who simply purchases material and hires subcontractors to perform the work.

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